Bra Care

 Ever wondered what’s the best way to look after your bras? Our Bra Care page will help you to get the best wear and longevity out of your purchases.

How should I store my bras?

This will depend on the type of bras that you own and how much space you have. Some people hang their bras, some people keep them in drawers.

Always store bras with the back fastened regardless of how you store them. This will stop them catching and snagging on other items of clothing.

If you have t-shirt bras try not to bend the cups inside each other. After a while this may cause dents in the cups. Instead you may like to layer them inside each other. Bras need be kept in a clean, dry space and treated with kindness.

How should I wash my bra?

This isn’t a question that we get asked often but we do get the following complaints. “My underwires have come out” “My lace has shredded” or “my hooks have come out.” Underwear is known as delicates because they are, delicate. All bras have bra care specific, washing instructions attached. The likelyhood is that if the bra has an underwire then they will say hand wash only.

Washing machines are fantastic appliances and I wouldn’t be without mine but…….. they’re far from the kindest to underwear.

We know that there will be times when you need to use a washing machine. If you follow these guidelines and you won’t go far wrong.

Taking care, fasten the bra and place into a wash bag or tied up pillow case. This will stop them from catching on other clothing and to stop the underwires coming in contact with the drum. This contact can cause the fabric on the underwires to wear. Leaving you with that stabbing feeling next time you wear your favourite bra. Should one escape in your machine it can be a costly job to fix.

How do I hand wash my bras?

We recommend caring for your delicates by washing with luke warm water and a gentle detergent. Some detergents can be too harsh for delicates. We always recommend one specially formulated for delicate fabrics such as lace.

Make sure that you rub the band of the bra and the fabric covering the wires well. These are the parts that come into the most contact with areas that may sweat. You should take care not to twist or bend the wires while washing.

Once washed rinse in cool water and hang to drip dry. Tumble driers are a no no, due to the high temperatures which can damage the fabrics elasticity. We know it sounds like extra work but once you get into the habit of doing this it will only take five minutes out of your day.

How often should I wash my bras?

We recommend washing your bra every three wears. This will however depend on how long you’re wearing them for during the day and how many you are rotating. Depending on your current washing habits this may sound excessive or even not often enough so lets look at why we say three days.

If you’re washing your bra after every wear you may be doing it more harm than good. With every wash your bra will stretch out a little, even if you’re being careful and hand washing them. This extra stretch can seriously shorten the lifespan of your bra causing you to have to spend more money replacing them. If you’re not washing your bras often enough you may be causing both yourself and your bras harm.

Lets start with you. We all sweat no matter how little physical movement we do. This sweat, no matter how clean you are, will become ingrained in the fabric of the bra and then be transferred back onto your body with each subsequent wear. Stale sweat will not only make your bra smell bad but will have a negative impact on your skin. This can cause irritations and sores and no one wants that. And your bra? Sweat and oils from your skin can have an effect on the fabric of your bra causing delicate fabrics to degrade faster. Delicate laces and mesh fabrics may start to shred. While colours may stain and white bras may show a yellow tinge.