Finding Your Bra Fit

Bra Fit Guide

We’ve put together this bra fit guide as many women will never have had a bra fitting. Even if they have, they may have very little knowledge of how a bra should fit. This guide aims to dispel some old myths and help you to get a better fitting bra. When we ask ladies what makes a good fitting bra we always receive a range of answers. From, “One that is comfy” to ” A bra that lifts my boobs.” “One with straps that don’t slip” “One that the underwires don’t come out of” “One that makes me look smaller” “A bra that doesn’t dig in?” If this sounds familiar check out our Bra Fit Guide

Bra Advice and FAQs

We’re often asked for bra advice so we’ve compiled this page of top tips. You can see at a glance how to make small differences to your underwear that will give big results. We get many questions about how to find the best fit and what to wear with special outfits and how to make sure underwear is comfortable. This page attempts to answer some of those questions in bite sized chunks. Check out all of our Bra Advice.

Bra Shapes and Styles

With so many shapes and styles we’ve never had so much choice. So how when faced with such a selection of bras do you choose the one for you. Our Bra Shapes and Styles Guide has been written to make deciding a little easier for you. You can even check out what our brands have to say about bra fitting! Take a look at different Bra Shapes and Styles.