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Superb Sports Support From Shock Absorber

Designed to the highest standards Shock Absorber sports bras give great support. Research shows any size breasts can be damaged by even small amounts of movement.

A lack of support causes sore and tender breasts due to breast movement. Made to withstand the effects of movement during exercise these sports bras are an essential in your sports bag.

The Science

Breasts do not contain any muscles merely the coopers ligament. These ligaments can stretch through lack of support, not just when exercising but on a day to day basis too. Stretching of the breast is irreversible and contributes to sagging.

It’s essential to wear a supportive bra in order to prevent stretching of this ligament, especially when exercising due to the rotational movement of the breasts. Movement is reduced by 78% compared to wearing an everyday bra when wearing a Shock Absorber sports bra