Nursing Bras

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What are Nursing Bras?

Make feeding easier with our supportive nursing bras. Ensure you’re supported and comfortable with our feeding bras because there’s never a time when a supportive bra is needed more than when nursing a little one. Our ranges are selected to give the best support while ensuring that you feel confident and attractive.  Why do you need a nursing bra? In the first stages of pregnancy, breasts may become sore and tender. You’ll also notice a change in their shape and size. This is a good sign that you need to care for your breasts. It’s also a good time to invest in a new bra that will see you through the different stages of pregnancy. This is essential as it will help your breasts to stay supported as they become heavier. Nursing bras feature a drop-down cup allowing you to feed your baby whilst still wearing your bra, making feeding simple and discreet. Non wired bras may also be worn at night for support.