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Sports Bras

Exercise with confidence with our sports bras. If you exercise regularly you will understand the need for good supportive sports bras. Whether you’re into low impact yoga, high impact running, gym or even horse riding, a sports bra is essential. There are various levels of support available and most bras will suggest what they’re best used for.

Why should you wear a sports bra.? There are no muscles in the breasts, just the Coopers ligament. Once stretched this ligament does not return to it’s original position, so it’s essential that you have added support when exercising. Any exercise and movement that causes an impact can thus result in sagging and shape loss.

What makes them different to a regular bra? Many hours of research and design go into producing a good quality supportive sports bra. Sports fabrics are usually moisture wicking and breathable and shoulder straps tend to be wider and most are padded for extra comfort.

Racer back styles are very popular and can add extra support for larger busts. Compression bras feature a deep front that supports by squeezing the breasts against the chest wall. While other sports wear secures the bust by reducing the circular motion of the breasts. Furthermore these often feature underwired support.

The fit of these bras should be snug so they may feel tighter when you try them on, this is perfectly normal.