Braza Racer Back Clips


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Braza Racer Back Clips

Braza Racer Back Clips, these discrete plastic rings hold your bra straps together on your back allowing the bra to be worn with a racer back style top.

This bra back clip is a quick and easy solution to visible bra straps.

Furthermore these handy hoops can help to keep straps from slipping.

Many ladies also wear these to prevent straps slipping off narrow shoulders.

Simply pull the straps together at the base of your shoulders and slip each strap into the clip.

Position for comfort and forget about your bra straps showing for the rest of the day.

Pack contains three clips, 1 x black, 1 x nude and 1 x clear.

Fully extend bra straps when wearing the clips.

See our full Braza range.

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