Lingerie Tape From Braza


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Lingerie Tape From Braza

Awkward tops or dresses causing you to leave them in the wardrobe? Get yourself some Lingerie tape.

Braza's Lingerie Tape features double sided, medical grade tape, perfect for dealing with awkward necklines and underwear issues.

Safe for use on clothing due to it not leaving any sticky residue. Remove the backing and apply and you're ready to go.

Braza have done all the hard work so you can dress with confidence.

Useful Information

Crack and peel liner for easy application

Not suitable for use on sunburned, sensitive or cracked skin

Skin must be free from oils or powders

Sensitivity test is recommended prior to use

Roll off skin when removing

Peel off fabric carefully

Brand: Braza

Style: Tape

Colour: Clear

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