Wearing Stick On Bras

Wearing Stick On Bras

Wearing stick on bras need not be an issue if you follow these top tips.

Not always the easiest things to use, wearing stick on bras is sometimes a necessity.

Don’t fear though we’ve put this guide together so that you get the best support out of your stick on bras.

Braza Clear Reveal Adhesive Bra

Clear Reveal Stick On Bras

The Braza Clear Reveal Adhesive Bra is recommended for A- C sizes.

Clear reveals are a self adhesive raindrop shaped piece of polyurethane.

Which when applied to the skin in the correct manner can lift the breasts thus removing the need for a bra.

Applying the Clear Reveal Bra:

1. Ensure skin is free from any oil based products, perfumes or powders including freshly applied tanning solutions.

2. Trim to size if necessary.

3. Peel the bra off the liner slowly so as not to damage the bra.

4. Using a mirror, place the wider section of the Clear Reveal on the center section of the breast (the nipple area) and smooth to the edges.

5. Holding the top edge with your fingertips gently pull upwards lifting the breast and stick to the chest.

6. Retain the backing for subsequent uses.

7. You may find a little wrinkling in the product, this is perfectly normal and does not affect it’s use.

Reusing a Clear Reveal Bra:

1. Peel the Clear Reveal carefully from the skin.

2. Wash by hand in warm water and a mild detergent.

3. Leave to air dry with the adhesive side facing upwards.

4. Once dry, place Clear Reveal back onto it’s liner with the sticky side down.

For further information see inside of pack.

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Braza Stick On Bra Cups

Wearing Stick On Bras

The Braza Bra is a fabric adhesive bra that comes incup sizes A-DD.

Trimmable fabric means these stick on bras can be as discrete as you want them to be.

One pack contains 5 pairs.

Applying the Braza Bra:

1. Skin must be clean and free of any oil based products, creams and powders.

2. Carefully remove the backing and place the Braza Bra cup on to the centre of the breast.

3. Smooth the cup towards the centre of the bust and then towards the outside.

Don’t panic if it wrinkles a little this is perfectly normal.

Removing the Braza Bra:

1. Peel the Braza Bra off slowly ensuring this is done when dry. It should peel off easily without causing any pain.

If however you do experience some resistance you may want to apply some baby oil to the Braza Bra.

Wait for 5 minutes and try to remove again.

2. Do not remove while wet or by adding water.

The Braza Bra is not reusable.

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